cover image: World Wildlife Crime Report - Summary, conclusions & policy implications 2024


World Wildlife Crime Report - Summary, conclusions & policy implications 2024

12 May 2024

Wildlife crime is interconnected with the activities of large and powerful organized crime groups operating in some of the most fragile and diverse ecosystems from the Amazon to the Golden Triangle—addressing wildlife trafficking in these circumstances requires a broader strategy to address organized crime as a whole. [...] wildlife crime in the context of other larger illicit economies, » Investment in monitoring and analysing new developments they amplify the negative impact of wildlife crime on the in illegal wildlife markets and associated criminality on an environment and community. [...] The volume of wildlife com- Analysis in the current report demonstrates that the modities reported in seizures by weight and the global scope and overall scale of wildlife trafficking volume reported in terms of number of specimens remain substantial. [...] Traffickers exploit inconsistencies and weak- Findings nesses in regulation and enforcement Different factors drive criminality associated with Participants along the illegal wildlife trade chain tend wildlife trafficking at different stages of the trade to adapt the methods and routes they employ to shifts chain: illegal sourcing, illegal trade, and demand in in the regulatory and enforcement lan. [...] ⊲ Improved approaches to assess what measures are ⊲ Funding agencies are in a strong position to pro- effective need to focus on two levels of evidence vide greater incentives and support for collection, and evaluation, the direct process-related results sharing and analysis of evidence about the perfor- of interventions and the consequent impact on mance and impact of wildlife crime interventions.
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