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Revised Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Project Phase III (P174480)

21 October 2020




philippines economic recovery public health stakeholder engagement environmental safeguard data management armed conflict abuse of power criminal liability data protection field visits indigenous peoples industry public services social capital social cohesion social media infectious disease economic infrastructure person with disability safeguard policy best practice coronavirus (covid-19) information and communication technologies focus group young people senior citizen peace process water system affirmative action online survey participatory governance positive feedback online platform natural resources and blue economy health care services industry law and development ict applications access road east asia and pacific result indicator grievance mechanism indigenous peoples law culture and development communities and human settlements indigenous communities affected communities operations manual environmental and social safeguard safeguard policies vulnerable group access to basic service grievance handling consultations with stakeholders stakeholder identification environmental and social performance vulnerable people government entity management function cultural practice development partner direct beneficiaries monitoring activity geographical coverage vulnerable individual travel restriction community level international phone call regular monitoring monitoring and evaluation system responsible person large print stakeholder need consultation activity consultation process allocation of fund virtual meeting alternative mean operations and maintenance effective work local government body effective participation international development assistance increased income access to basic health service active participation cultural need cultural sensitivities corrective measure security concern available funds comments and feedback misuse of fund information, education and communication community meetings local development council strategic location health station degree of influence analysis of stakeholders participation in decision making effective strategy rice milling governing body third party service provider proposal preparation vulnerable sector risk identification external support sectoral plan access to mobile leisure activity effective compliance transition period empowerment of woman armed struggle financial management policy transistor radio benefits of peace phone availability sensory impairment camp community turn-around time school needs

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Revised Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Project Phase III (P174480)
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P174480,PH-Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction And Development Project Phas -- P174480
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