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MDTF e-Newsletter (Vol. 3, No. 2)

19 August 2020


This newsletter includes the following headlines: Using MDTF Resources to Study COVID’s Longer-Term Impact on Fiscal Space for Health and Implications for UHC; 5th Annual Global Health Financing Forum and launch of COVID-19 Health Financing Resilience CoP; Responding to COVID-19in East Asia and the Pacific; US$195 Million Pandemic Funds for Poor Countries to Fight COVID-19; Gavi Replenishment Exceeds Target for 2021–2025 Period; Aparnaa Somanathan Takes on EAP Health Leadership Role; PMAC 2020 Ponders How to Advance UHC; Advance UHC in Focus: Identifying the Gaps in Hypertension Management in Samoa; Advance UHC in Focus: Review of Gender Mainstreaming in Cambodia’s Health Sector; Advance UHC in Focus: IMPACT Health Project Improves Front Line Services in PNG; Advance UHC in Focus: Health Financing System Assessment Advances Indonesia Towards UHC; Solomon Islands Tackled COVID-19 and a Cyclone at the Same Time; Profile: Almah Kuambu—Breaking Down Barriers in Papua New Guinea; Feeding Back NCD Taxation Evaluation Results to Tonga’s Remote Islands; Impact on the Ground: DSIs Lift Immunization Rates in Remote Lao Districts; PMAC 2020 Meeting Looks at Delivering Results with DLIs; Furthering Collaboration on DRG Health Payments at PMAC 2020.



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