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Digital South Africa Post the Pandemic

14 May 2024

The concept of financial inclusion underscores the importance of access to, the use of, and the quality of financial products and services. [...] The analysis highlights the importance of demand-side data in informing on the state of digital access and use and the identification of inequalities therein. [...] Objectives and main research question The purpose of this report is to assess public policy and regulatory outcomes in relation to the primary objective of promoting the universal and affordable provision of a wide range of telecommunications services in the interests of economic growth and development. [...] In the context of COVID-19 and the inability of large numbers of South Africans to digitally substitute to mitigate the public health and economic risks caused by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, it assess what needs to be done to redress digital inequality to prepare for the next inevitable pandemic and for people living in South Africa to more equitable and effectively participate in post-. [...] In 2019, seven years after the adoption of the NDP, RIA and the University of Cape Town’s Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance were commissioned by the National Planning Commission (NPC) to review the country’s progress in relation to the digitalisation objectives set out in the plan.
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