The Conservative Case for Globalization


The Conservative Case for Globalization

30 May 2024

A number of years ago Saturday Night Live featured a skit of a fictional game show asking contestants to answer the question as to between two celebrities, "?Quien es mas macho?," or "Who is the manliest?" The late Ricardo Montalban fared well. Today within the Republican Party and the broader conservative movement the popular question is now "Who is the most conservative?" Many self- styled conservative talking heads and members of Congress are calling for industrial policy, forms of wage and price controls, and new federal agencies to police free speech. Such positions have historically been anathema to the conservative movement and should remain so. Along with these issues, there is likely no other issue more timely or relevant to the question of just who is--and what is--a conservative than the issue of globalized free trade.


Jeb Hensarling

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United States of America