cover image: Cross-border and emerging risks in Europe :Overview of state of science, knowledge and capacity


Cross-border and emerging risks in Europe :Overview of state of science, knowledge and capacity

30 May 2024

In this report, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) expands its exploration of complex disaster risks that transcend national borders and introduce novel challenges to the European Union. Taking stock of previous JRC flagship reports on understanding risks (Science for Disaster Risk Management Book Series and the Recommendations for National Risk Assessment versions 0 and 1), this document addresses the multi-faceted nature of cross-border and emerging risks in Europe. The report collects the contributions from expert teams across 8 JRC directorates and external partners. It analyses the current landscape of risks characterized by their potential for widespread impact across the continent, necessitating a coordinated European response. The work leverages historical data and recent scientific advances that address both cross-border risks such as natural disasters and anthropogenic crises, and emerging risks that include technological and socio-economic challenges. This comprehensive assessment helps in understanding and managing cross-border and emerging risks, including environmental, health, and technological threats. It emphasizes the importance of integrated approaches and improved data sharing to better anticipate and prepare for potential disasters. The findings advocate for the incorporation of transboundary considerations in risk management strategies to effectively handle the interconnected and complex nature of today’s risks. Emerging from an increased need for an integrated approach in disaster risk management (DRM), this report underscores the importance of the EU’s continued research on understanding the root causes of risks and in adaptation and mitigation strategies to enhance resilience.
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KJ-NA-31-944-EN-N KJ-NA-31-944-EN-C
European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Corbane, C., Eklund, G., Gyenes, Z. et al., Cross-border and emerging risks in Europe – Overview of state of science, knowledge and capacity , Publications Office of the European Union, 2024,
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