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30 May 2024

Standing up to China has been central to the framing of Republi- It seems unlikely that can foreign policy in the 118th Congress, obvious in the advent of the Select Committee on the CCP and their rhetoric or approach the salience of Taiwan’s defence, including in jus- tifying some Republican opposition to continued to competition would be support for Ukraine.13 If their control of the House conti. [...] Source: Getty 16 Red book | Blue book 2024: A guide to the next US administration Long-term trends The internalisation of AUKUS in Congress, in the Defense bureaucracy and in the US Navy will likely assure continuity, regardless of the occupant of the The AUKUS partnership between Australia, the Oval Office. [...] There has embodying the Biden administration’s strategic long been consensus in both the Republican and concept of integrated deterrence, is made up of Democratic caucuses that strengthened coopera- two pillars: the delivery of conventionally-armed, tion with Australia and the United Kingdom is in nuclear-powered submarines to Australia and the the US national interest.46 This level of unanimity d. [...] The fact that sig- the administration’s foreign policy team ahead of nificant aspects of the “invest, align and compete” the 2020 election,81 its undiplomatic summit with initiatives and legislation — ranging from AUKUS China in Alaska in early 2021, and its subsequent and the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework to the policies and approach embracive of strategic com- 2022 CHIPS and Science Act — will. [...] Indeed, as verbose and well-known as the Biden administration’s “Free US strategy in the region, a and Open” strategy in the Indo-Pacific has been, it remains difficult — apparently even for some second Biden administration within the administration — to define the Biden administration’s strategy in the Middle East, most will likely continue to support notably Iran.
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