cover image: Emerging Leaders | ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2024 Op-Eds


Emerging Leaders | ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2024 Op-Eds

7 May 2024

The crux of the matter lies not only in recognising the importance of a dialogue partner forum, particularly with Australia as a near neighbour, but also in recalibrating the narrative to fortify the shared vision of ASEAN and Australia. [...] Whether we are thinking about the significant global challenge posed by human trafficking and modern slavery (where it is estimated that 29.3 million people live in modern slavery in Asia and the Pacific), concerns about shrinking civic space in the region, or the need to ensure that economic development is sustainable and not pursued at the expense of the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable. [...] But, in addition to developing and strengthening key institutions, we also need to harness the energy and commitment of individuals like the emerging leaders who participated in the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit if we are to have any realistic hope of achieving the transformative targets set out in the SDGs. [...] Kao Kim Hourn, emphasised the significance of partnership in development and people-to-people connectivity for future prosperity, peace and stability in the region during the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN-Australia dialogue relations and in their closing remarks to the Emerging Leaders’ Dialogue. [...] While the trajectory of the reinvigorated strategic partnership remains positive, there is a need by both sides to strengthen the utility of the partnership in areas of defence and economics to improve each other's resilience and diplomatic positions at a time when the region faces considerable structural constraints and an uncertain strategic future.


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