Defense Technology Monitor  Introduction: Objectives and Major Themes track


Defense Technology Monitor Introduction: Objectives and Major Themes track

16 May 2024

This challenge is being addressed by the Department of Defense’s investigation of the utility and risks associated with generative AI, the establishment of a new Task Group within Task Force 59 focused on operational adoption, and the publication of a new Atlantic Council report on defense innovation adoption. [...] Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Generative AI and the Department of Defense: Bias Bounties and Task Force Lima The recent boom in commercial development and use of generative AI tools such as Chat GPT-4 has triggered both interest and concern from defense and intelligence communities throughout the world. [...] This sentiment was put forth in a Foreign Affairs article by Eric Schmidt that assessed that the combination of increased Russian capacity, responsive and adaptive Russian tactics, and “Russia’s superior electronic warfare capabilities [that] allow it to jam and spoof the signals between Ukrainian drones and their pilots” have altered the dimensions and balance of the drone conflict in Ukraine. [...] These types of penetrations of US civil and military infrastructure hold significant, multi-layered risks that include the collection of sensitive information on US infrastructure, the ability to hold this infrastructure at risk, undermine the capacity of the United States to respond to a crisis, and reduce domestic political will for confrontation. [...] The Commission was launched in 2022 with the primary objective to “take the DoD’s acquisition process, and Congress’ role in that system, out of the Cold War era.” The result was ten recommendations for Congress and DoD policymakers, high-level summaries of which can be found in the full Defense Technology Monitor report.


Abigail Rudolph

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