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17 May 2024

In the SWFD, the type of containment is replaced by the source of waste, while the collection and transport, processing and treatment, and reuse and safe disposal are the replaced components of the sanitation value chain (see Figure 7: Solid waste flow diagram for Bodhgaya). [...] The use of an SFD tool for mapping the baseline of the sanitation value chain, and its use in the city-wide sanitation planning has been nationalized in India, with the launch of this advisory (see Figure 14: SFD—a city sanitation planning tool in the advisory on sewage management). [...] In the second part of the exercise, participants look at the SFD graphic and understand how the data is present- ed in the graphic. [...] If the SFD training is being conducted in a particular area or region of the country, or outside India, we prefer to showcase the case example of the nearest SFD from that area so that participants can relate to the situation themselves and under- stand how the SFD makes sense. [...] Each group is supposed to provide an oral presentation consisting of a few points regarding their understandings from the case study—what are the issues and challenges on the ground and what are the possible immediate actions that can be taken to help improve the SFD graphic? Both the SFD case studies are selected to portray different situations on the ground.
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