cover image: Fourth Edition of the AFRODAD Media Initiative


Fourth Edition of the AFRODAD Media Initiative

4 Jun 2024

It is about winning back the conversation on the social contract; the What is the democratisation and humanisation of the debt crisis that connects to African Debt the real day-to-day struggles of African citizens. [...] How the Campaign works Political mobilisation: The African Debt Campaign supports political mobilisation to prevent African countries from unsustainable debt burdens and IFFs and advocates for equalising the power balance between debtor governments and creditors fairly and transparently where African governments are rule makers and not rule takers How the Campaign works Structural Shift in Narrati. [...] (iii)Social – The African Debt Campaign must speak to the renewal of the social contract between the state and the citizen. [...] How the Campaign works Ideation, Intellectual Alternative, and Challenge to Neo-Liberal Convention – This pillar of the campaign is about winning the minds and intellect of the population. [...] Exploring how the legal pathway can be used to: Legal Advocacy (i) Strengthen the voice of the public through the use of Public Interest Litigation on Debt matter (ii) Strengthen the legal and policy framework for debt contraction and management – Fair and Transparent Arbitration Mechanism (iii) Highlight the weaknesses in the existing debt contract.



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