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Japan’s Position in the World SYNOPSIS COMMENTARY

11 Jun 2024

Japan’s Position in the World By Kitaoka Shinichi SYNOPSIS Having accepted Japanese-initiated concepts such as the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP), the region should now consider the establishment of a “Western Pacific Union” which would reinforce the FOIP. [...] For several years, I have been arguing for the creation of a “Western Pacific Union” for the region comprising Japan, Korea, the ASEAN member states, and possibly, Australia, Bangladesh, and the Pacific Island nations; much like the European Union in Europe. [...] The core of my argument is to pursue regional economic integration without the superpowers, i.e., the United States, China, and India, because they are likely to prioritise their national interests before the common interests of the smaller members. [...] Japan and the Developing Countries Of the G7 countries, Japan is the only one which had the experience of a developing country. [...] In Pakistan, where girls are not able to go to school, JICA established small schools in the vicinity of the villages instead of criticising the policy.


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