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11 Jun 2024

Water will be readily available along the route and we Reception can be limited in some of the remote areas strongly encourage you to fill up your water bottles at we’re riding through so in addition to calling, please the start of each ride and at each rest area. [...] sightseeing and allows the Bicycle Network team to give you the best support out on the road. [...] Riding Route A Start For dinner, we’ll be dining in style under the stars in the Darwin Botanic Gardens in the heart of the city. [...] The evening will be well spent at the Katherine Outback Experience, where the group will enjoy dinner under the stars followed by a one-hour performance and a working dog and horse show by musician Tom Curtain. [...] You will also have the special opportunity to learn about the cultural and spiritual significance of the gorge for its Traditional Owners, the Jawoyn and Dagomen people.
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