cover image: ISSN 2583-3502 Vol. 7 No. 1, January-March 2024 Development Cooperation


ISSN 2583-3502 Vol. 7 No. 1, January-March 2024 Development Cooperation

8 Jun 2024

The first article concentrates on the governance structure and the voting system, and the second one on the profound influence of financial dynamics on the functioning of multilateral institutions such as the United Nations. [...] Both of the West, which is characterised variables are indispensable prerequisites for by the erosion of the liberal narrative enhancing the legitimacy of cooperation, and the rise of nationalist sentiments, both externally (in terms of efficiency) highlights the need for a paradigm and internally (promoting participatory shift in the approach to multilateralism. [...] Conversely, without such efforts, the proliferation of blocs and the ideological The concept of mult iplexity manipulation of cooperation, notably offers a nuanced understanding of the through like-minded coalitions, risk evolving dynamics of global cooperation, amplifying the clash of narratives and emphasising the importance of interaction geopolitical tensions, leading to a capacity among diver. [...] and the one similarity between the Board of Directors of a corporation and the Geopolitical tensions have recently intrinsic characteristic of the Board of increased. [...] The new arrangement to meet the central transformation over the last decades objective of a transfer of greater power has “enabled India to be an example, a to the South, justifying it on the basis partner and a contributor” to the overall of ‘mutuality of interest’.10 While the needs and demands of the Global fate of the Brandt Report was not much South.7 The establishment of United better than t.
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