cover image: Digital News Report 2024


Digital News Report 2024

17 Jun 2024

Almost all news reporting implicitly asks the public to trust it. At a basic level, it asks people to trust that ‘we really did talk to the sources we mention, they really said what we have quoted them on, and the data we cite is reliable’. And in a more expansive sense, ‘our editorial judgement on what to cover, who to talk to, and what data to rely on is sound, so is our presentation of what we found, and our motivations’. But across the world, much of the public does not trust most news most of the time. While there is significant variation from country to country and from brand to brand, in this year’s report, just 40% of our respondents across all 47 markets say they trust most news. This report includes country and market data from Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa.
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Nic Newman, Richard Fletcher, Craig T. Robertson, Amy Ross Arguedas, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

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United Kingdom