cover image: Responsibility Sharing and the Economic Participation of Refugees in Chad (English)


Responsibility Sharing and the Economic Participation of Refugees in Chad (English)

12 Jun 2024

The Global Compact on Refugees recognizes the importance of responsibility sharing for hosting, protecting, and assisting refugees, while emphasizing the potential of economic participation to reduce the cost of humanitarian assistance. This note explores the relative importance of aid in caring for refugees hosted in Chad and the importance of the incomes earned by the refugees. It finds that the combination of aid and self-earned incomes falls far short of a minimum standard of living (the poverty line) as a consequence of which the vast majority of refugees lives in abject poverty. It is also finds that although refugees are hosted in camps with relatively few economic opportunities, self-generated income covers 54 percent of the poverty line and aid only 14 percent. As Chad has adopted a policy of refugee inclusion and dispersion, the note then explores how much these progressive policies might increase the income earning potential of refugees. This is found to be substantial. Economic participation policies are estimated to reduce refugee poverty from 88 to 50 percent (thus increasing the self-sufficiency of refugees dramatically), while increasing the incomes generated by poor refugees by more than 50 percent. The greatest participation benefits will be realized when refugees move to areas with more economic potential.
social protection sahel refugee resettlement world refugee workers migration policies and jobs refugees as benficiaries western and central africa


World Bank, Coulibaly,Mohamed, Hoogeveen,Johannes G., Jourdan,Emilie Sandrine Celine, Aboudrahyme Savadogo

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