cover image: Rings of Fire: Heat risks at the 2024 Paris Olympics


Rings of Fire: Heat risks at the 2024 Paris Olympics

18 Jun 2024

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics offered a window into an alarming, escalating norm for Summer Olympics. As temperatures rose to over 34°C and humidity reached almost 70%, the Games in Japan went on to become “the hottest in history” with condition described as “torturous.” The next Olympics in Paris is now upon us, and notable cases of extreme heat undermining the health and enjoyment of sporting spectacles have only increased in the intervening years. Due to inaction on climate change and the continued rate of fossil fuel use, the world continues to get warmer and stay warmer for longer. This report gives athletes a platform to counter an environment of fear, bringing together competitors from vastly different sports and parts of the world to voice their alarm about heat stress and hopes for change.
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Mike Tipton, Jo Corbett

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United States of America

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