cover image: The Cleantech Revolution: It’s exponential, disruptive, and now


The Cleantech Revolution: It’s exponential, disruptive, and now

18 Jun 2024

There are two main perspectives on the energy transition: the old incumbent view of business-as-usual; and the new insurgent view of exponential change. At heart this is the longstanding battle of commodities versus technologies. Design and technologies beat commodities because they enjoy learning curves and are limitless. So costs fall over time, and growth is exponential. New energy comes from manufactured, modular, scalable, clean technologies; old energy is from centralized, heavy, dirty commodities. Old energy forecasting has failed in the face of the new energy reality. Linear forecasts constrained by barriers to growth have consistently been overwhelmed by exponential change. There are three key levers in the energy transition: Renewables; Electrification; and Efficiency. In this slidedeck, the orthodox view about energy transition is shown to be wrong: the Paris targets are in reach because the energy system is being transformed by the exponential forces of renewables, electrification, and efficiency.
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Kingsmill Bond, Sam Butler-Sloss, Daan Walter

Published in
United States of America

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