Annex B       - Project Title: Empowerment of Women in Pastoralism



Annex B - Project Title: Empowerment of Women in Pastoralism

16 Jun 2024

Team members are working on the various aspects of the collected data which hopefully will, in the first instance, guide the implementation of the pilot intervention programme during the remaining period of the project and secondly lead to publications of various aspects of the key findings of the research component in peer reviewed journals. [...] The Sahel region lies at the southern edge of the Sahara Desert and is located between the dry desert land to the north and the forest areas to the south. [...] The administration of the quantitative and qualitative instruments resulted in the following: (i) A total of 3,041 males and females responded to the questionnaires in the two target states (Gombe and Bauchi states) with females constituting about 75 percent of the respondents which is in line with objectives of the survey in which more females are expected to respond to the questions as their voi. [...] Patterns of Agricultural and Livestock Production by the Respondents The main findings from the surveys with regard to respondents patterns of agricultural and livestock production are as follows: (i) Access to and Ownership of farmlands: The findings of the survey show that over 90 percent of the respondents reported that they have access to farmland. [...] (iv) Immediate priorities of interventions on women empowerment: Based on the findings, the policy issues raised, the recommendations of the respondents on changes that they want implemented in their localities and the key principles outlined to guide interventions in the communities of the Sahel region of Nigeria, the following priority interventions are proposed which in consultation with the va.



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