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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Dominica - Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project (P171224)

21 March 2020




potable water supply dominica personal protective equipment climate change mitigation safety at work hydrology industry intelligent transport systems marine pollution right to privacy water resources water resource management code of conduct global navigation satellite system occupational health and safety road traffic incident safety management country of origin global environment convention on the rights of the child occupational safety and health global positioning system workplace health and safety best management practice impact of climate change instrument landing system latin america & caribbean climate change mitigation and green house gases health care services industry supply and installation social risk management health and safety risk water and energy environmental management plan environmental and social impact traffic management plan social and environmental construction and operation analysis of alternatives standard bidding documents land and water supply of materials community health and safety finance staff day to day activities environmental and social safeguard grievance redress mechanism extreme weather event rehabilitation of school detailed engineering design emergency response activity critical natural habitats international good practice environmental and social management plan emergency response plan construction and rehabilitation machinery and equipment physical cultural resources loss of income loss of asset access to asset source of financing equipment and supply energy and power emergency response procedure use of pesticide planning and design energy and water use of land health and environment main road network age of employment health and safety issue negative environmental impact waste disposal site ownership share type transportation of materials operations and maintenance impact on health fund investment ambient noise level rehabilitation of road loss of life safety of worker piece of legislation use of child solid waste collection flow of traffic private sector partner environment and natural resources information and awareness air transport sector community base regional technical assistance support to school medical equipment and supplies waste management plan employee will re sequence of events generation of waste access to essential service quantity of water assessment of risk borrower need environmental and social monitor rehabilitation of infrastructure waste management practice contamination of surface extreme climate events pollution of soil waste management facilities air traffic controller water catchment areas water and sewerage means of transportation human resource practice climate change challenge natural resource management plan air traffic control service operation of airport water supply and sanitation system safety and reliability accumulation of waste construction and demolition waste spread of hiv liquid waste management clearing of forests construction cost runway lighting system body of water erosion control measures hazardous materials management irreversible environmental damage response to emergency solid waste management policy solid waste management policies safe disposal of wastes natural water courses workers with disability basic first aid safety of passenger appropriate risk assessment local environmental condition transparency, accountability and good governance rural solid waste dust from excavation sustainable use of energy permit development distance measuring equipment hours of operation international air transport sphere of influence abundance of water species of plant works of art conservation of resource air and sea port authority water collection systems use of asbestos age of eighteen year power to make regulation high level of dependence very high frequency wildlife management plan safety of aircraft convention on international civil aviation petroleum hydrocarbon contamination land based pollution radio navigation aid traffic control construction microwave landing system environmental policy planning categories of passenger types of bird

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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Dominica - Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Project (P171224)
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P171224,DM-Dominica - Caribbean Regional Air Transport Connectivity Projec -- P171224
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