cover image: CDRI Working Paper Series No. 145


CDRI Working Paper Series No. 145

3 Jul 2024

The study aims to identify the factors influencing students’ academic achievements overall and to explore the specific factors contributing to the unequal academic success between male and female students. [...] The discourse surrounding the reversal of the gender gap in learning performance currently centres on the question of whether male students truly exhibit lower academic performance than their female counterparts across levels and fields of education (Driessen and van Langen 2013; Meinck and Brese 2019; Takeuchi 2022; Workman and Heyder 2020). [...] What are the factors that contribute to the reversal of the gender gap in learning between male and female students based on the perceptions of students, teachers and school directors? 2. [...] Additionally, the Math and Khmer teachers of these classes were invited to partake in the teacher survey, while school directors from the 23 schools were invited to complete the school survey. [...] The subsequent sections will delve into the learning behaviours of male and female students in the Cambodian context and other factors that seem to contribute to the learning gap reversal.
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