Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Cambodia Higher Education Improvement Project - P162971
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Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Cambodia Higher Education Improvement Project - P162971

29 May 2020


No The World Bank Cambodia Higher Education Improvement Project (P162971) I. PROJECT STATUS AND RATIONALE FOR RESTRUCTURING A. Project Status 1. The Higher Education Improvement Project (HEIP) aims to improve the quality and relevance of higher education and research mainly in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and agriculture at targeted higher education institutions (HEIs), and to [...] The delays were mainly due to the excessive workload of the MoEYS Procurement Unit, which is responsible for all the procurement of the government as well as development partner funding, project management at the central level and institutional capacities of the targeted HEIs to deal with financial management and procurement at the targeted HEIs. [...] Second, the construction activities for new campuses, student dormitories, and business incubation centers were not able to start, as the bidding process for the firm to design and supervise the buildings has had to be re-done as only two firms submitted technical proposals in response to the first tender notice. [...] The commitment included regular quarterly meetings to monitor the project progress chaired by Minister of MoEYS, the push for all of the targeted HEIs to become public autonomous institutions by the end of 2020, more procurement and financial management staff members put onto the team at the project and HEI levels, and changes of project members at HEI level to remove those who were passive. [...] To the contrary, in the context of Covid-19, it contributes to reducing social interactions between students and teachers, thereby reducing the risks of spreading the virus within the educational communities.




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