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Report of the Commission against Apartheid in Sports.


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The Commission conducted consultations with the representatives of the International Olympic Committee, the World Boxing Council and the ;jouth African Non-Racial Olympic Committee. [...] The Commission took note of the decision adoptec¶ by the International Cricket Conference to enforce the boycott of cricket contacts with South Africa. [...] The Commission expressed its appreciation for the contribution to its deliberations of the President of the World Boxing Council, the representative of the International Olympic Committee, and the Chairman of the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee and authoriaet¶. [...] The Commission also authorised its Chairman to co-operate with the Special Committee in promoting the boycott of aDartheid in sports and other activities for the realisation of the objectives of the Convention. [...] The Commission emphasiaed the importance of the adoption by the States of legislative, judicial, administrative and other measures to give effect to the provisions of the Convention.


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