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Implementation by States of United Nations resolutions on apartheid : report of the Special Committee on Apartheid.

4 October 1973

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In this resolution, the Assembly deplored the failure or the South African Government to comply with the repeated requests and demands of the General Assembly and of the Security Council and its flouting or world public opinion by refusing to abandon its racial policies; strongly deprecated the continued and total disregard by that Government of its obligations under the Charter of the United Nati [...] The Assembly also requested the Security Council to take appropriate measures, including sanctions, to secure South Africa's compliance with the resolutions of the Assembly and the Council, and, if necessary, to consider action under Article 6 of the Charter (concerning the expulsion from the United Nations of a Member State which has persistently violated the Principles contained in the Charter). [...] After taking into account the recommendations and conclusions of this group, composed of experts from Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ghana and Morocco, the Security Council endorsed the main conclusion of the group that "all the people of South Africa should be brought into consultation and should thus be enabled to decide the future of their country at the natio [...] For instance, the devaluation of the dollar is expected to increase the presence of the United States on the South African market at the expense of West Germany and Japan. [...] As shown in annex I, containing the prov1s1ons of relevant United Nations resolutions, the twentieth session of the General Assembly in the fall of 1965 was a turning point in the commitment of the United Nations to encouraging support for the national liberation movements in southern Africa.


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