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Thailand: Submission to the Office of the Council of State on the Draft Act on the Operations of Not-For-Profits Organizations

31 March 2021


Amnesty International considers numerous provisions of the Draft Act overly restrictive of the right to freedom of association and other human rights. If adopted in its current state, not-for-profit organizations and its members are not only subject to overly restrictive measures on their freedom to associate, they would also face arbitrary unlawful interference with the rights to privacy and freedom to hold opinion. Amnesty International considers the Draft Act inconsistent with Thailand’s obligations under international human rights law and standards. The organization calls upon the Thai government to withdraw the Draft Ac immediately and reaffirms its human rights obligations to protect, promote and fulfil the right to association and other rights.



thailand asia and the pacific freedom of association

Index number
ASA 39/3928/2021


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