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AFRICA - The Africa Plan

16 Mar 2007

After hurriedly publishing an executive summary in May under public pressure to respond to the media-hyped refugee crisis at the fences of Ceuta and Melilla and the constant arrival of ‘boat-people’ in the Canary Islands, the government presented the final version of the Spanish Africa Plan in July. [...] However, it remains to be seen whether the 1 The Spanish Africa Plan A first “Plan Africa” had been issued by the previous government without the comprehensive nature and the respective diplomatic action and aid commitments of the current one. [...] “Structural adjustment” became the icon for a policy mix of macro-economic stabilisation, the opening of the economy and the downsizing of the public sector. [...] Although administration and rhetoric are presented to incoming donor-missions as alike to Western rational-legal institutions, under the surface of this aid-theatre is the reality of a world in which the distinctions between state and society, between person and office do not exist.10 The term of neo-patrimonialism 7 See: the Millennium Project ; William Easterly 2005: Reliving the 50s: the Big Pu. [...] An interesting discussion for international law is the debate about reparation for slavery; see African Studies Quarterly 2(4) 1999 9 For the failure of macro-economic policies see for example the report of the Findings of the Structural Adjustment Participatory Review International Network the same as well in Spanish ; for the human impact of SAPs see Cornia, G., R.
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Madrid, Spain