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While recurrent spending for May, June and July budgets are proportionally higher than the capital spending, the monthly expenditure growth rate to date in capital spending (26.4%) exceeds that of recurrent spending (19%). [...] • The "projected" recurrent spending to date1 is at present lower than the actual recurrent spending to date, reflecting an over expenditure on the recurrent side. [...] May - July 2002 – Expenditure Monitor Figure 1: Total voted monthly spending Total Voted Expenditure As shown in table 1 below, the total budget for 2002 is 6.6% bigger than the total budget for 2001 (from a preliminary outcome of R106.6 billion in 2001 to an annual budget of R113.6 billion in 2002). [...] In other words it compares the change in spending in a given month last year, to the spending in the same month this year, with the change in the budget between last year and this year. [...] At the end of July 2001 government spent 32.6% of the total recurrent budget, and 25.1% of the total capital budget.



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