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Analysis of Donor Funding for HIV & AIDS in South Africa 1–



Given that provision of HIV and AIDS services in the public sector depends on the overall ability of the health sector to provide all health services, absorption capacity is increasingly becoming the issue for HIV and AIDS spending in South Africa, rather than availability of resources. [...] The large reliance upon public sector funds for South Africa’s HIV and AIDS response helps to ensure sustainability of programmes and enhance proper and proactive government planning, budgeting and management of the resources required for HIV and AIDS. [...] Since there is some record of donor funds for HIV and AIDS in the country, it should be easier to describe the structures involved in donor funding and to track money flows, or to calculate the proportions of donor and public funding for HIV and AIDS. [...] Malefetse – Director: International Health Liaison, supported the view that donors are prioritizing HIV and AIDS in the health sector and recommended that donors also need to refocus aid to other areas such as education and care and support for orphans and families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. [...] The grant will be used to ensure optimal service delivery to all people with HIV and AIDS in the Western Cape by strengthening the existing response, and to expand existing treatment by providing access to ARVs for people living with HIV and AIDS in the province within the next five years.23 6.



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