Tanzania - Zanzibar Urban Services Project
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Tanzania - Zanzibar Urban Services Project

28 January 2011


The objective of the Zanzibar Urban Services Project for Tanzania is to improve access to urban services in Zanzibar and conserve the physical cultural heritage at one public location within the stone town. There are three components to the project, the first component being institutional strengthening and infrastructure development in the Zanzibar municipal council. This component will focus on Zanzibar Municipal Council (ZMC) on Unguja Island and will comprise of six subcomponents: institutional strengthening of Zanzibar municipal council; preparation of a diagrammatic indicative structure plan for ZMC and its immediate periphery; construction of storm water drainage channels in the areas outside of the stone town; design and installation of street lighting in ZMC; solid waste collection and transportation within ZMC; and construction of the Mizingani sea wall and associated promenade within the stone town. The second component is the support to town councils on Pemba Island. This component will assist the three town councils of Chake Chake, Mkoani and Wete on Pemba Island with: institutional strengthening of Pemba town councils; and small-scale investment projects. Finally, the third component is the project management. This component will provide support to the Project Management Team (PMT) located within the President's Office, Finance, Economy and Development Planning (PO-FEDP) for project management, supervision of environmental and social safeguards, project monitoring and reporting.

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Tanzania - Zanzibar Urban Services Project
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