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Productive impacts of improved service access and livelihood support in Ethiopia



The Integrated Nutrition Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) pilot project was embedded within Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme phase 4 (PSNP4). The PSNP4 programme supports food insecure households through two components: a cash transfer component that requires the recipient to participate in public work activities or to comply with soft conditionalities on access to social and health services; and a livelihood support component. This evaluation report presents the impacts of PSNP/IN-SCT on productive outcomes ranging from crop and livestock production to labour supply, non-farm businesses, use of inputs and the like. The report is part of a wider evaluation study that brings together IFPRI, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at University of Sussex and Cornell University. While these organizations set up the study design and focused their analyses of impacts on outcomes related to food security, hygiene, access to health services and nutritional status, FAO has contributed by analysing the productive impacts of the programme. This paper is being published in the context of a partnership between FAO, IFAD and the Universidad de los Andes (UNIANDES) and its Centro de Estudios en Desarrollo Económico (CEDE) based in Bogotá, Colombia.



livelihoods household food security evaluation ethiopia social services cash transfers programmes

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Prifti, E., Bhalla, G. and Grinspun, A. 2021. Productive impacts of improved service access and liveliho", "od support in Ethiopia – Endline report on the Improved Nutrition through Integrated Basic Social Services with Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) Pilot Programme . Rome, FAO.
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