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A call to - and climate education: Action

15 February 2021


We found that students have low levels of environmental and climate literacy, construct false and sometimes apocalyptic narratives to fill the knowledge vacuum, and experience high levels of eco-anxiety and fatalism about their future. [...] Students feel helpless, abandoned and unsure of what to do in the face of predictions of catastrophic climate change they are being exposed to through social media, the news, and other youth. [...] Polling Leger conducted polling of 500 Alberta youth aged 15–24 Online Surveys to determine youth’s awareness and understanding of key 15–17 environmental issues, and to explore youth knowledge and 187 year-olds attitudes in relation to climate and energy. [...] It’s Advancing environmental, energy, and climate education Students are concerned about just to get the adults to have to help us A call to Action cause you did this too.” nature, wildlife, and their own future. [...] Lethbridge 4-By the numbers Back to top By the numbers We polled 500 Alberta youth in 2020, and our findings are clear: the majority of youth in Alberta are concerned about climate change but feel like they lack Advancing environmental, energy and climate education the knowledge and ability to do anything about it.