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19 November 2020


I would make an analogy that our parents and grandparents went through two world wars and we built a welfare state and a dream for a better life out of that.” Photo credit: Harry Harrison / Alamy PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISTS CLIMATE ATTITUDES 93% worried 83% support 56% vote on climate 51% opt for compromise PROGRESSIVE ACTIVISTS RECOMMENDATIONS Build efficacy and avoid fatalism Persuade them to bring th. [...] I let them live their own life." Photo credit: Ian Lamond / Alamy BACKBONE CONSERVATIVES CLIMATE ATTITUDES 33% climate change is believe natural 38% support 4% vote on climate 71% want to preserve the country Are positive towards aspects of ethical consumption that focus on -side and rural life ‘buying local’, reducing food waste, and supporting British farmers through eating seasonally as a route. [...] It has given me an appreciation of the environment which I did not have before… green space has become so much more important to me and my family than it has ever before.” Photo: Adrian Sherratt / Alamy CIVIC PRAGMATISTS CLIMATE ATTITUDES 73% worried 69% support 49% support 15% vote on climate CIVIC PRAGMATISTS RECOMMENDATIONS Build confidence Persuade them of the need for their voice of ‘radical. [...] And the little people like you and me, we haven’t got the power to do anything other than our own little bit.” Photo credit: John Birdsall / Alamy DISENGAGED BATTLERS CLIMATE ATTITUDES 56% worried 34% didn’t vote 18% worried about unemployment 59% more likely to say they are “busy enough surviving from day to day without having to worry about climate change” support DISENGAGED BATTLERS RECOMMENDAT. [...] Whereas before I thought it was theoretical, now I know it’s a reality.” Photo credit: Parker Photography / Alamy LOYAL NATIONALS CLIMATE ATTITUDES 60% worried 51% support 45% support 5% vote on climate LOYAL NATIONALS RECOMMENDATIONS Build on climate concern without feeding fears of climate migration Engage on the ‘local’ (clean up ‘neglected’ areas) to build a wider sense of environmental concer.