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Climate Outreach - ANNUAL REVIEW 2019

5 May 2020


the visual really helped to inform us on reader engagement and We’re strategically collaborating with media decision makers and language impact and has provoked a conversation on the topic Supporting the Guardian, IPCC industry leaders to shift the global visual representation of climate of climate that has reached far beyond and Getty Images as exemplars change. [...] “Delivering trust in the climate transition is not just about policy How do we talk about the transition to a low-carbon economy without JUST TR and economics but also about AN ensuring those most affected are it sounding like a threat to the livelihoods - and sense of identity - of SI Generating Tincluded in the discussion. [...] We’ve also around the world, notably for a Just the importance of empathy in Canada and the and dialogue in making a just continued to build on our work in Alberta, home to Canada’s tar Arab world Transition transition a reality.” sands, and started a similar project in Arab speaking countries David Powell - Head of to bring people together to talk openly with their peers about their Photo: © Ian. [...] But how is the concept of net zero - and Preparing Nscientists we have a tendency Engaged a wide the ambition contained within it - understood by wider society? How the public to persuade by piling on network of key do we broaden and sustain engagement with the changes that must the numbers and it doesn’t stakeholders through be made? often work. [...] By making a science out of climate change think tanks and We outlined key recommendations for communicators looking climate communication, they NGOs to explore how they can to connect the concept of net zero with audiences across the ensure the right audiences get most effectively use these political spectrum in our guide ‘Are the public ready for net zero?’ the right messages to drive findings to.