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Britain Talks Climate - Prompts for team discussion - Branding Guidelines

17 November 2020


Britain Talks Climate Prompts for team discussion Explore the full Britain Talks Climate toolkit at C L I M A T E outreach Branding Guidelines Terms of usage: When using the "Golden Questions and CaFlciullaetors Tool" to carry out independent audience analysis, please note the following conditions on usage: (1) permission to use is for non-profit purposes. [...] C L I M A T E Climate Outreach staff can access the logo files on our outreach Intranet. [...] People external to Climate Outreach can access our files here: IxsF9CVDNDPEVRYdTPN2XS_qBoWkWhw Cover identifier (see left column) C L I M A T E outreach The identifier should only be used on covers. [...] Colours - Orange & white identifier is the preferred version, on a white, orange or teal background - Black & white versions available when appropriate - Other background colours may be used but can only be C L I M A T E paired with a black & white identifier outreach Position & Size - Either 1.5 cm from the top or 1.5 cm from the bottom - Always on the left side, aligned with page border - Width. [...] 3.048 cm 1.5 cm Britain Talks Climate is designed to equip campaigners and communicators with the insights they need to shape the national debate in a way that draws on shared values and avoids division.