Coherent Identifier About this item: 20.500.12592/c8psd7


17 November 2020


3.048 cm 1.5 cm Using a chatbot survey To carry out message testing against the seven segments, or to target one or more of the segments, digitally, you’ll need the golden questions and Excel calculator, plus a few more tools. [...] You can use a platform like Chatfuel, which is highly intuitive and doesn’t require any knowledge of coding or web development, to turn the golden questions into a chatbot survey on Facebook Messenger. [...] You must keep the questions in exactly the same order, and with the same wording, as above, but you may want to add a ‘welcome’ and ‘thank you’ message to the beginning and end. [...] Questions shown on Facebook Messenger (left) and Facebook advertisements (right) To drive a high enough number of responses, you may want to attract people to use the chatbot (and take the survey) using a range of Facebook ads with different imagery and messaging. [...] Once you think a high enough number of people have taken the survey – you need a minimum of 100 per segment to be representative – you can download the responses, including the ‘unique identifier’ (Column B – identity), and run them through the bulk calculator as before.