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• - ASEAN’s Pathway to Sustainability: - Targets for 2020 and Beyond

18 July 2019


For years, the fires and haze pollution signalled the deforestation and environmental harms associated with the agroforestry sector in the region. [...] However, cognizant that business cannot thrive without the mutuality of benefits throughout the supply chain, the company made the decision to go above and beyond certification to improve the incomes of farmers and their families and end child labour, on top of forest conservation. [...] Masagos Zulkifli Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Singapore “Developing countries… are seen struggling between the desire to preserve or to exploit their natural resources for economic growth and a better quality of life, while answering to the global commitment of mitigating climate change and environmental preservation.” Ms. [...] The workshop also discussed what green and sustainable trade means for ASEAN’s agroforestry sector and the extent to which trade can shape the future sustainability of the supply chain. [...] 6th Singapore Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources 11 12 6th Singapore Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources 6th Singapore Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources 13 About the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) The SIIA is an independent think tank dedicated to the research, analysis, and discussion of regional and international issues.