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2 April 2020


The Singapore government could take the lead in ASEAN to set up a platform featuring a pipeline of local power and transport projects available for investments, and to disclose the results of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of each project. [...] In fact, the United Nations includes the potential of infrastructure in its proposal for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by making explicit references to sustainable and resilient infrastructure in two of the 17 SDGs.10 For the purpose of this report, “financing sustainable infrastructure” involves identifying and mitigating the E&S risks associated with infrastructure projects, with the. [...] One of the major initiatives by the government was the launch of the Green Bond Grant Scheme in 2017 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to support the issuance of green bonds. [...] The level of complexity of a financial institution’s in-house ESG policies need to be balanced against the size and resources of the financial institution in (1) implementing and monitoring the ESG framework for its borrowers and (2) remaining competitive in the market. [...] Lignite, also known as ‘brown coal’ is converted from peat and after millions of years, the persistent effects of temperature and pressure transforms the lignite into ‘sub-bituminous’ coals.110 Apart from the nuances around types of coal, the policies also allude to the processes such as the efficiency of the technologies adopted.



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