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Renewed Concerns in Key ASEAN Economies - Politics and Growth Prospects After the First COVID-19 Wave

5 August 2020


There are also limits to the transparency of the situation on the ground as the media is still controlled closely by the state. [...] Growing in the Next Normal: Vietnam dealt impressively with the first wave of the pandemic, and there is a strong narrative of national pride and confidence in the authorities. [...] The problems of 1MDB were a major part of the reason the PH won the last elections, and efforts were needed to address the issues of debt and governance, as well as to try to prosecute the cases. [...] 11 c) Volatile Baht: The Baht weakened against the US Dollar in the first quarter of the year, but Thailand’s comparative success in containing COVID-19 resulted in inflows to equity and bond markets, leading to the Baht’s appreciation in the second quarter.17 There had been concerns over a strengthening baht as it could potentially expand the country’s trade deficit and aggravate its fragile econ. [...] The SIIA has been consistently ranked as one of the leading think tanks in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, in the Global Go-To Think Tank Index by the University of Pennsylvania.



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