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Agroforestry for Sustainability: - Climate, Conservation and Communities in ASEAN - Conference Highlights

10 February 2021


to put sustainability at the core of our recovery plans and policies, and change the way we produce In a post-COVID-19 world, securing buy-in and investment for and consume. [...] However, many recognise the need to invest in natural systems, as well as the lack nature-based solutions, and their potential to address environmental of widely accepted standards for issues as well as the livelihood concerns of local communities. [...] The Dialogue focuses on issues related to the prevention and mitigation of transboundary haze, and sustainability in ASEAN’s agribusiness and forestry sectors. [...] The SIIA has been consistently ranked as one of the leading think tanks in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, in the Global Go To Think Tank Index by the University of Pennsylvania. [...] Launched in 2019, the report serves as a risk assessment and predictive tool for countries in the region to determine the likelihood of a severe transboundary haze incident.