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29 June 2020


This involves the development of a investigated what makes Bos indicus cattle immune to the to restrict and monitor the movement of cattle between the tick vaccine either using a proprietary mixture of the four most These are the antigens. [...] “We’ve used a forensic science approach to identify changes in Dr Prada e Silva and his team are also investigating the investigating the ability of animals to adapt to pasture-based diets, His research is comparing the performance of Brahman cattle, the signature of the isotopes. [...] One of the most striking aspects of the advances made in the These researchers are linked to five prestigious international prior research phase under Professor Koltunow’s leadership is the research institutes and a multinational seed company, which The ability to switch between sexual and asexual modes of reproduction in plants is being exploited to collectively form Hy-Gain – a public-private re. [...] By exploiting quirks in plant reproduction, an “Hybrids are valuable to agriculture but the benefit is special kind of cell division (meiosis) that would normally halve international team of researchers funded by the Bill & offset by the cost to the farmer of purchasing hybrid “Together, the Hy-Gain project team is developing new ways to the number of chromosomes passed onto the offspring and also. [...] scale for a range of LMA-susceptible genotypes.” “Without classification, the impact of LMA could For Queensland and NSW, the risk was estimated The new initiative is also an opportunity to deepen the be especially detrimental to the Australian to be quite low.


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