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Alternative Worldviews

15 April 2021


They do so in various ways of (non)engagement with the suggestions of the main essay that brings together emerging and ancient thinking from diverse disciplines and suggests that the predominantly existing, western-centric idea of the world and of ecology misses the understanding of aliveness, our own and that of the world. [...] The absolute distinction between the human and the non-human world, human beings as ‘end/ goal’ and the non-human world as the ‘instrument/means’ for the fulfillment of the end, come from a specific kind of epistemology (knowing) and ontology (being). [...] The land, the forests, the plants and animals, the rivers and springs, the atmosphere and all the natural cycles are the cradle of life. [...] It is a tribute to the practice and the mountain ecosystem that it still has the resilience to be the safety net for the thousands of people who would otherwise be paupers and beggars on the streets of the modern towns and cities. [...] The jhum field is the ‘University of the Tribe’ where they learn the secrets of the Earth.


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