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Publications list June 2021

27 May 2021


1) A (w) C (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S (w) NΒ° 26 The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Seventeen Frequently Asked Questions A (w) C (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S (w) NΒ° 27 about United Nations Special Rapporteurs The Impact of Mercenary Activities on the A (w) C (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S (w) NΒ° 28 Right of Peoples to Self-Determination Human Rights Defenders: Protecting the A (w) C (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S. [...] Professional Training Series (HR/P/PT/…) Training Package on Human Rights Treaty Reporting (Rev.1) Manual on Human Rights Reporting* E (w) S (w) – – – – (HR/PUB/91/1) 3 Pocket Guide on Basic Human Rights – – E (w) F (w) – S (w) Instruments* Human Rights – A Basic Handbook for UN Staff – – E (w) – – – Human Rights and Social Work: A Manual for A E (w) R (w) S NΒ° 1 Schools of Social Work and the. [...] Human Rights Education Series Human Rights Education and Human Rights A (w) C (w) E (w) F R (w) S NΒ° 2 Treaties (HR/PUB/DECADE/1999/1) The Right to Human Rights Education E (w) NΒ° 3 – – – – – (HR/PUB/DECADE/1999/2) ABC: Teaching Human Rights – Practical NΒ° 4 C (w) E (w) F (w) S (w) activities for primary and secondary schools* A (w) R (w) (Rev.1) (HR/PUB/2004/2) Universal Declaration of Human Righ. [...] 1) Reproductive Rights are Human Rights: A Handbook for National Human Rights Institutions (published jointly with E (w) UNFPA and the Danish Institute for Human Rights) (HR/PUB/14/06) A (w) C (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S (w) Women’s Rights Are Human Rights* (HR/PUB/14/2) Human Rights Indicators: A Guide for Measurement and A (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S (w) Implementation* (HR/PUB/12/05) A (w) E (w) F (w). [...] I) (HR/CERD/PUB/1) A (w) C (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S (w) Durban Declaration and Programme of Action The African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights E F – – – – (HR/PUB/90/1) Legislative History of the Convention on the Rights of the E (w) – – – – – Child* (HR/PUB/07/1) United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous A (w) C (w) E (w) F (w) R (w) S (w) Peoples (HR/PUB/08/4) A (w) C (w) E (w).


Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women