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France’s Foreign and Security Policy under President Macron. The Consequences for Franco-German Cooperation

25 May 2021


1) Both at meetings of the Franco-German Defence While Paris places great value on the structural and Security Council (DFVSR) and in the commit- changes in international relations and is under great tees created to implement the Aachen Treaty, Paris pressure to adapt, Berlin’s primary aim is to develop and Berlin should conduct a complete review of NATO and the EU as fundamental organisations of. [...] Macron thus stressed the necessity of Intervention Initiative, founded in 2017, which Paris “conceiving the terms of European sovereignty and deliberately located outside EU institutions.16 This, strategic autonomy, so that we can have our own say however, runs the risk of weakening the EU in order and not become the vassal of this or that power and to strengthen France’s and Europe’s capacity to. [...] France and the UAE During the Berlin process in autumn 2019, France used the occasion to win over Greece and Cyprus as led the camp of those who shifted the focus from en- forcing the arms embargo to asking the GNA to make concessions as preconditions for a ceasefire.22 At the time, Haftar’s foreign backers believed themselves to 23 Frederic Wehrey, ‘This War Is Out of Our Hands’. [...] With the conclusion of a ceasefire and the estab- lishment of the GNU, the French and German govern- ments have been keen to display their newfound unity in supporting the UN-led process.33 German 28 Joint Declaration Adopted by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece and the United Arab Emirates, officials’ eagerness to attribute progress in Libya to Athens: Hellenic Min. [...] The thus the best means of enabling the EU to defend resulting deployments in the Middle East, the Sahel itself externally.19 Since the German government sees and at home, however, have taken their toll: the the CSDP primarily as a political undertaking, specific armed forces are overstretched.



franco-german cooperation, emmanuel macron, libya; russia; turkey; north atlanti