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Discussion Note 1- Non-Fuel Minerals and Mining in India.indd

28 January 2020


rough its backward and forward techno-economic linkages, the mining sector can be a catalyst for the growth and development of the manufacturing sector and the economy as a whole. [...] e Indian Bureau of in September 2015, which mandated the mining companies to Mines (IBM) and the State Directorates of Mining and Geology contribute 10% of royalty to respective DMFs for mining leases would be the regulatory agencies through e-governance and IT- granted on or a er January 12, 2015 and 30% for the ones with enabled monitoring along the mining chain. [...] e government agencies would continue to perform the tasks of survey and exploration and encourage the private sector to Subsequently, the government announced the National Mineral undertake exploration activities. [...] which the country is mainly dependent on imports.” In 2018, the Ministry of Mines prepared the National Mineral A much-needed single regulatory authority has been envisioned Exploration Trust Amendment Rules to amend the 2015 rules.9 in the policy: “A uni ed authority in the form of an inter- States will now have to deposit the fund collected under NMET ministerial body under Ministry of Mines, wi. [...] is national initiative policy proposals are, an increase in the production of MCDR requires a holistic development of the mineral sector on a (Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 2017) minerals sustainable basis in order to ful l the demand of downstream (in value terms) by 200% in 7 years; and on the other hand, industries dependent on mineral/ore supply.” reduce the trade de cit in miner.