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Pricing For Traffic Safety - How Efficient Transport Pricing Can Reduce Roadway Crash Risks - 22 April 2021

22 April 2021


Many factors affect traffic risk, including the amount and type of travel that occurs, roadway and vehicle type, and driver behavior. [...] Despite billions of dollars invested to create safer roads and vehicles, and to encourage safer driving behavior, traffic risk continues to be a major cause of deaths and injuries, and the U. [...] Safety Impacts Public transport tends to have low traffic crash and casualty rates per passenger-mile and overall traffic fatality rates tend to decline in an urban area as public transit ridership increases, as indicated in figures 10 and 11. [...] Pricing reforms tend to increase transport system efficiency and diversity, which increases demand for alternative modes and makes them more politically and socially acceptable, resulting in a more diverse and efficient transport system, and more accessible community development. [...] Others include reduced traffic and parking congestion, reduced road and parking facility costs, improved mobility for non-drivers, energy conservation, reduced economic costs of importing vehicles and fuel, emission reductions, more efficient land development, and improved public fitness and health.


Victoria Transport Policy Institute

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