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Antisemitic Discourse in the Western Balkans - A collection of case studies

15 April 2021


Some of the early Ashkenazi After Serbia gained independence from settlers engaged in lumber or agricultural the Ottoman Empire in 1878, the local Approximate boundaries of production and trade from the lands of the Sephardi Jews were legally emancipated the Ottoman local, often foreign nobility, thus sharing in and integrated well into the small urban Empire in the negative perception of the expl. [...] The Jews.32 In this way Albania became the only Federation of Jewish Communities in European nation to emerge from World War Yugoslavia, formed in the aftermath of II with a higher Jewish population than it had the war, facilitated the process, carefully at the war’s beginning.33 mediating the Zionist aims within Yugoslavia’s Communist ideological The Place of Jews in the Context of framework. [...] More importantly, the war of words that fueled and accompanied the conflicts during the crisis and in the aftermath of the dissolution of Yugoslavia displayed a common trope or wish to be a Jew or the so-called “Holocaust Envy.”35 In the Western Balkans, Serbs, Slovenes, Croats, Albanians, and Bosnian Muslims all strove in one way or another to position themselves as victims and to compare their f. [...] visits, the commemoration of the Holocaust and the protection of Jews in Albania during 38 ALBAnIA SERBIA MONTENEGRO is deeply rooted in Albanian society and often used by the political representatives KOSOVO to increase the prestige of the country in the BULGARIA eyes of Albanians as well as foreign actors. [...] A every January 27 by the Albanian synagogue was opened in Tirana in 2010, Parliament, the establishment of museums where a Holocaust memorial was also for the history of Jews in Albania, high-level unveiled in July 2020 to honor the victims conferences, publications and through and the Albanians who protected Jews from continuous exchanges between the two the Nazis.39 The inscription of the memor.

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