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F S - Bidding Documents

27 December 2019


Apart from the essential items listed in the Bidding Documents, the Invitation to Bid should also indicate the following: (a) The date of availability of the Bidding Documents, which shall be from the time the Invitation to Bid is first advertised/posted until the deadline for the submission and receipt of bids; (b) The place where the Bidding Documents may be acquired or the website where it may. [...] In the event that the FSI proceeds with its relocation due to the retrofitting of the DFA Building, the FSI has the right to reduce the number of janitorial personnel and the corresponding supplies and equipment without any changes in the rate (per janitorial personnel) submitted by the winning bidder. [...] In accordance with Section 47 of the IRR of RA 9184, all Bidding Documents shall be accompanied by a sworn affidavit of the Bidder that it is not related to the Head of the Procuring Entity (HoPE), members of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), members of the Technical Working Group (TWG), members of the BAC Secretariat, the head of the Project Management Office (PMO) or the end-user unit, and th. [...] In case the Bids cannot be opened as scheduled due to justifiable reasons, the BAC shall take custody of the Bids submitted and reschedule the opening of Bids on the next working day or at the soonest possible time through the issuance of a Notice of Postponement to be posted in the PhilGEPS website and the website of the Procuring Entity concerned. [...] (d) If the Domestic Bidder refuses to accept the award of contract at the amount of the Foreign Bid within two (2) calendar days from receipt of written advice from the BAC, the Procuring Entity shall award to the bidder offering the Foreign Bid, subject to post-qualification and submission of all the documentary requirements under these Bidding Documents.



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