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OUR EUROPEAN FUTURE - Charting a Progressive Course in the World

26 May 2021


Our ambition is to undertake intellectual reflection for the benefit of the progressive movement, and to promote the founding principles of the EU – freedom, equality, solidarity, democracy, respect of human rights, funda- mental freedoms and human dignity, and respect of the rule of law. [...] A second phase of the European project came with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the need to conduct enlargement along with the deepening of European integration. [...] This started in the 1990s when I served as a minister in the Por- tuguese government at the time when the European employment strategy was adopted to counterbalance the Stability and Growth Pact and when the membership of the eurozone was being prepared. [...] This chapter and the ones that open parts II, III and IV of the book are summaries of meetings of the FEPS Expert Group on the Future of Europe (which was established in November 2020 – see the composition in the acknowledgements). [...] It is a multistage process that started more than forty years ago, with the key stages including the development of the first personal computers, the dawn of the internet (first with Web 1.0, where information went from the professional to the individual, and then with Web 2.0, which was characterized by social networks and the production of information by the indi- vidual), the development of sma.