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Suburban Police Are Driving the Use of Arrests

26 May 2021


May 2021 Arrest Trends: Suburban Police Are Driving the Use of Arrests Daniel Bodah, Mary Fleck, and Frankie Wunschel Arrest Trends: Suburban Police Are Driving the Use of Arrests Takeaways: › Over the past 20 years, the United States has seen a 20 percent decrease in overall arrest rates, lower rates of racial disparities in arrests, and lower youth arrest rates. [...] Furthermore, arrests of Black people by the police have Shift in Arrest Rates increased in suburban cities, unlike the decreases seen in principal cities. [...] by Age and Race Figure 8Number of Black People Arrested There is a long, well-documented history of racism in how the police make arrests, with Black people in particular suffering the effects of overpolicing.6 The heavy impact of policing on the lives of young people has also long been noted.7 It is therefore important to examine how people of different races and ages are repre- sented in arrest. [...] It was once the case that the arrest rate of 18- to 24-year-olds for Part II crimes was higher in principal cities than in subur- It appears the worsening racial inequity in arrests in suburban cities is being driven ban cities; now, the opposite is true. [...] The results of Vera’s analysis corroborate the sobering finding that the number of people in major cities who are killed by police has declined, even as police killings in suburban cities have increased.10 Even when interactions with the police do not escalate to such tragic levels of violence, arrests can have devastating impacts on people’s lives.11 People of color continue to bear the brunt of.