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QAAFI's Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences flyer

13 December 2019


The Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation CENTRE FOR NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCES Queensland Alliance for Centre for Animal Science Agriculture and Food Leading tropical livestock research and development Innovation The Centre for Animal Science delivers world-class research to Australia’s animal industries. [...] QAAFI is an agricultural and food sciences research institute of The University of Queensland – one of the world’s leading research We have major programs and capability in genetics and genomics; providers in tropical and subtropical agriculture and food production. [...] Integrated research for cereal and legume cropping systems Not only is UQ number one for agricultural science in Australia and one of the most highly ranked institutions in the world in this field, it is located The Centre for Crop Science conducts world-leading research targeting in tropical and subtropical environments and, therefore, well placed as a enhanced profitability and sustainability of. [...] QAAFI is comprised of four inter-related research centres, with a focus on the challenges facing tropical and sub- tropical food and agribusiness sectors in the tropical and Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences subtropical systems. [...] Consumer ‘fork to farm’ research focus The Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences supports enhanced health • Centre for Animal Science outcomes and economic benefits for Australia, by conducting integrated • Centre for Crop Science fundamental and applied research to improve the taste, quality, • Centre for Horticultural Science appearance, nutritional value and safety of food.


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